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Integrative Shamanism

Shamanic Healer and Psychic Medium in Louisville, Kentucky


"A friend referred me to Barbara after sharing my recent experiences with extremely low energy/focus in my personal and spiritual life. After only one session with her I have come so far. The energy work she did with me has helped me to regain focus and I am finding myself yet again swimming in beautiful synchronicity with life around me. One week after our session I was crystal shopping in Cave City and was magnetized to two stones I happened to know very little about but also knew I had to take them home. Upon arriving home I did my research and they were both unlikely suspects to being perfect for aligning the heart chakra (which is where I needed most of my work) - NOT a coincidence. I have carried Barbara's words and the memory of our session very dearly these last two weeks and I cannot be more grateful for my experience with her. She illuminated the power within MYSELF to rise from the murky waters my mind was treading in and each day truly just gets better and better. My heart thanks you Barbara"-J Kentucky

"The experience has helped me tremendously throughout my spiritual growth, [through my Record Keepers] Barbara helped me to validate things that I was confused about. I often think of that session, because she taught me things that I needed to do to help myself. Barbara is so dedicated to her work, and strives to keep her learning ongoing. Not only did Barbara help me so much with the Akashic Records session, she has always continued to be so helpful to me .... overall showing her warm compassionate spirit.

I [returned] to see Barbara after my doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I had no energy, couldn't sleep, hadn't eaten in about 3 months, I was living on ensure, and it was to the point that I couldn't tolerate that either. I had had to quit my job due to all the illness I was going through. The first session, Barbara retrieved my power animal, and, on my way home, I stopped at McDonald's and ate solid food, and have been eating since with no complications!!! Plus, my energy is back! Our second session was a soul retrieval as too which, there was a major energy move in the room. Since that session, all the issues I had been having are gradually going away, life is better and more joyful for me! I highly recommend giving the shamanic way a good chance to change your life, I know that it has enriched mine and changed it for the better. Thank you Barbara for being you!"~M, Kentucky

"I really enjoyed our reading and the connection through Akashic records that you provided to us. I'm always interested in people's gifts and how they help others. Yes, [The Records] were right about the yin/yang challenge as well as the amazing connection for us. The laughter and understanding was so much fun! The joining of past with divine grace was inspiring and welcome as well as the life purpose around helping partners understand loving connections.As I feel that things happen for a reason, I'm glad that we were able to meet, and I thought I'd send you a quick note to say 'thanks'. It was also interesting that we hadn't remembered the Expo was running this weekend except that I went for a morning run and saw a flyer. Then we decided to drop by. Yes, I love these miracles and reflecting on their beauty and guidance."~B, Ohio