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Integrative Shamanism

Shamanic Healer and Psychic Medium in Louisville, Kentucky


What is Shamanism?

What can I say about Shamanism? It has been incredibly life-changing for me! Shamanism is the oldest healing modality in the world, dating back over 30,000 years ago. For me, shamanism is not just a healing modality, it is a way of life. My own practice with shamanism is one of self-discovery and a path to healing. It has been the link that connects everything I do, because it is a culmination of all modalities and it honors the path of all. While the healing ceremony may last one to over a couple of hours, the real work begins by the client integrating his healing after the sessions! To be honest, I don't know how this stuff works, and I don't care! It works with powerful results. I have learned on this walk to trust spirit and not question anything. Indeed, I have been gifted with little revelations and miracles big and small along the way.

Power Animal Retrieval

A Power Animal Retrieval is a very sacred ceremony in which a client receives a special animal spirit in order to help him with his current situation. Usually a power animal retrieval is called for as the first step in the person's journey to wellness.

In the Shamanic view of illness, a person becomes ill if he loses his power. The job of a shaman is to journey on behalf of the client and retrieve a helping spirit. The Shaman then reports what he has seen and experienced on the journey to the client. Usually the boost to the client is remarkable. The animal to come forward offers its own unique teachings and energies for the person and it always resonates with the client's needs! It is important for you, the client to do the work and connect with and honor your power animal immediately and on a regular basis. As you work with your new helping spirit, you will appreciate the wisdom it offers and the renewed vigor you experience.

When you incorporate your power animal in your everyday life, you will be surprised at the ways it helps. For example, my husband received a power animal during his own shaman circle recently. As a truck driver, he often drives in the early morning hours when it is a struggle to stay awake (truck drivers know what I am talking about!) He says he feels the energy of his power animal during this time and she keeps him alert. He has also found that his power animal has inspired him to be more assertive in his everyday life and to develop a healthy backbone. Needless to say, I am happy with My Love's new lease on life!

Soul Retrieval

In shamanic view, soul loss occurs when parts of a soul leave because it cannot deal with pressures of trauma or emotional shock. As a result, the soul part detaches and moves to a safe place, away from offending situation. I like to think of it as part of a person taking a vacation to get away from intolerable circumstance. Other cases of soul loss include soul theft, where the offender may take a part of another's essential self. This is common in the case of abusive relationships.

Soul fragmentation occurs from a variety of situations including trauma, illness, abuse, accidents, combat experiences, and other emotional shocks. While all of us have experienced some amount of soul loss, a significant loss of self can weaken the person, decreasing their vitality. Symptoms of soul loss may include apathy, lack of vitality, memory loss, depression, low immunity, and addictions.

A soul retrieval ceremony is a beautiful way to begin the path of healing. I am honored in my calling as a healer to bear witness to such beauty as this ceremony. This is truly a work of the heart for both the shaman and the client. It is a joyful homecoming, but the hard work begins after the ceremony with the integration of the new parts. What an act of love it is to make a home for each piece of yourself to safely dwell!