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Integrative Shamanism

Shamanic Healer and Psychic Medium in Louisville, Kentucky

The Akashic Records

Your Journey to Joy~

The Akashic Records contain all memories since the beginning of time. The word is derived from the Sanskrit term for the energetic substance that forms the whole of life. It is the memory of each soul since its inception. This ancient memory holds knowledge and wisdom available for healing and growth, but is also oh so much more!

How does accessing the Akashic Records help?

Opening your Akashic records provides you with the opportunity to connect with the true essence of your higher self. Lets just say it is a conversation with those who deeply understand you and desire to help you on your soul path. In a space of divine love, The Record Keepers assist you in removing blockages and connect with your soul's journey.

How Can I Open my Akashic Records?

Your records are opened by me through a special prayer that connects me to your vibrational energies. It is a channeled session. During the session, I am aware and present, and receive information via download. It as if I am a transcriber of information. Many times, the Record Keepers have an agenda for the session, usually deliver to me before the prayer is even finished! With that being said, I ask that you come to a session prepared with a list of questions. The clearer the question, the better the answer!

In 2009, I had an Akashic Records session and it was life changing! Bathed in that beautiful energy of my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, I knew this was something I wished to learn for myself. My journey with the records has had its own ups and downs and is an experience of much growth and change. If you open yourself to the wisdom of the Akashic Records and work within their healing energies, you will experience life-changing shifts!

I am available by phone and skype. Price for one hour of service is $90.oo USD I can take credit cards over the phone.

Akashic Records Consultatiaon