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Integrative Shamanism

Shamanic Healer and Psychic Medium in Louisville, Kentucky

About Me

Barbara And Tim Ilari, Shamanic Practitioners

Barbara Ilari is a Shamanic practitioner specializing in Shamanic Ceremony and Energetic Spiritual Healing. She is a Spiritual Psychic Clairvoyant and a Medium.

Barbara Ilari lives in Louisville, KY with her Husband Tim, her children, John Paul, 13 and Noah, 15. She also has a son, Zachary, a law student .

A child of the earth, she spent much of her childhood roaming the woods surrounding her farm in Upstate Pennsylvania. Riding her Morgan horse, she made contact with a variety of wildlife. Later in her life, she connected with the messages that wild spirit carried for her through her shamanic studies. She considers herself lucky for visiting, Raven, Fox, owl, Racoon, and deer, “upclose and personal.”

Barbara first discovered her healing touch in her twenties working with race horses. She began to understand them intuitively and scanned their auras to pinpoint weaknesses. This organically sent her on her healing journey. In 2009, she began her studies in Reiki and completed her Reiki Master Attunement in 2011. 

Barbara works with her guides toward the greater good of the client and utilizes Shamanic practices with her experience with the Akashic Records to bring about clarity and healing for her clients. Barbara is an on point Psychic and is she is available by appointment for Healing, Psychic Medium Consultation, and Akashic Records Consultation.